Thunder & Sunshine, by Alastair Humphreys

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Arriving in Cape Town with Rita (his bike), Alastair was a long, long way from his home in Yorkshire.

He cycled the length of South and North America, the breadth of Asia and back across Europe, crossing the mountains and salt-flats of South America, canoeing the Five-Finger Rapids of the Yukon River and braving a Siberian Winter with the flimsiest tent.

This is a book of vivid and engaging tales, of the people and places along the route of an epic adventure. Alastair crosses his own emotional mountains and chasms, and through it, discovers himself.

With a winning and compelling story-teller’s charm, he shares what it is to undertake such a journey. Alastair Humphreys rode 46,000 miles around the world on an old-fashioned adventure: long, lonely and spontaneous.

Cycling across five continents and sailing over the oceans took him four years to complete, on a tiny budget of hoarded student loans.

Readers of Alastair’s best-selling Moods of Future Joys know that the best laid plans don’t always work out.

Published 2007

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