The Full English by Mike Carden

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The Full English by Mike Carden

Pedalling through England, Mid-Life Crisis and Truly Rampant Man-Flu

The Full English by Mike Carden

Covering 650 miles of England and twelve counties, the author struggles heroically with Mid-life Crisis, Man-Flu and also with Scott, a bike with a serious attitude problem.

Cycling from the Dorset coast to Northumbria via Glastonbury, Ludlow, the Peak District, and the Yorkshire Dales, he indulges his passion for the history of England through its castles, abbeys and ancient towns.

“This thoroughly enjoyable chronicle of one man’s ‘mid-life crisis’ is England’s answer to Round Ireland with a Fridge, by Tony Hawks – but without the fridge.” Ludlow Advertiser

“Warm, well observed, unpretentious and very funny, this is the kind of cycle tour we can all imagine ourselves taking, though hopefully without the Man-flu.” Adventure Travel magazine

“…articulate and witty account of one fortysomething man’s quest to ride from one end of England to the other…” London Cyclist magazine

“Mike’s relaxed and chatty style is never less than entertaining, making The Full English the sort of book that can put a smile on your face even when it is cold, grey Winter outside.” Dorset Life

The Full English by Mike Carden

One of three books by Mike Carden, published by Bike Ride Books



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