Northumberland Mountain Bike Guide

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Northumberland Mountain Bike Guide

Northumberland Mountain Bike Guide

From Keilder Forest to Lindesfarne, this guide delivers a wonderful variety or rides.

The BUMPER guide of 40 routes, all thoroughly researched, covering the North-East from the Scottish border to the A689 in the south & from the east coast to Haltwhistle. Bridleways, forest tracks, old drove roads, ancient commercial routes and neglected country roads.

All routes are illustrated with photographs & maps, accompanied by route profiles & plotting plans. Clearly written route descriptions include local history.

Routes for all abilities with options to link some to extend the challenge for the fittest.

Bridleways, forest tracks, old drove-roads, ancient commercial routes and neglected country roads. Each route is beautifully illustrated with black and white photographs, two colour maps and accompanied by technical terrain analysis and a plotting plan. Clearly written route descriptions include local history and colour.

Northumberland Mountain Bike Guide

1/ The Hagg (15) Middle Route 29/ Alnwick – Coast & Country
2/ Powburn Country Roads 16/ The Street 30/ Hexhamshire Common
3/ Alwinton Short Cut 17/ Clennell Street & Salters Road 31/ Cross Border Route
4/ Milfield & Coldside Hill 18/ Boulmer 32/ Keilder Forest Drive
5/ Wooler Water & Coldmartin Loughs 19/ Stobb Cross Loop 33/ Butterwell Bridleways
6/ Circuit of Greensheen Hill 20/ Rothbury Carriage Drive 34/ Lindisfarne or Holy Island
7/ Ford Moss & Doddington 21/ Blanchland Moor 35/ Watergate
8/ Wooler Common & Broadstruther 22/ Harwood Forest 36/ Percy’s Moss
9/ Barrowburn Loop 23/ Wansbeck Wanderings 37/ Roads Round Rubbingston Hill
10/ Langlee Crags & Threestoneburn 24/ Stobb Cross Extention 38/ Castles, Climbs & Clarts
11/ Bewick Moor 25/ Moors of Greenrigg & Eshells 39/ Makemerish & Frolic
12/ Ingram & Alnham 26/ Vallum 40/ Featherstone, South Tyne
13/ Deel’s Hill 27/ Bloody Bush Toll Road
14/ Ingram, Bleakhope & Alnham 28/ Long Cross


No of Pages: 160

Page Size: 180

Publisher: Ernest Press*

Series: Mountain Bike Guide

Published Date: 28/02/2006

Cover: paperback

Illustrations: illustrations, 2 colour maps

Weight: 220 gms.

Northumberland Mountain Bike Guide