Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw and Richard Peace


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Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw and Richard Peace

Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw & Richard Peace

Why ride an electric bike?

Once you know the advantages you’ll ask why not:

o Effortless pedalling up hills
o No-sweat commuting – literally
o Greater acceleration and so greater safety
o Ever-increasing battery range, with some models achieving 70km plus

Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw & Richard Peace covers all aspects of this rapidly growing form of transport and leisure riding, with chapters on history and development, classic models, choosing and using and much, much more. Little known until recently, electric bikes are advancing rapidly, both in terms of popularity and technology.

David Henshaw has edited and published A to B magazine, specialising in folding and electric bikes, since 1997.
Richard Peace is founder of Excellent Books, specialising in cycle publishing, and has been writing about cycling for more than 15 years.

Format of Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw & Richard Peace: paperback; 256 pages; size 148.5mm x 210mm portrait format; numerous photos and graphics; full colour throughout. Sewn limp bound.

Read the blog from Richard Peace: “Electric bikes are massively popular in Holland and Germany – in the former they accounted for around one in every six bikes sold in 2011. In the UK their percentage of all bikes sold is comparatively tiny. With the Dutch being arguably the number one cycling nation in the world (as in cycling on a daily basis to the shops etc, not Olympic cycling), it’s a fair bet they find real advantages in electric bikes. But why aren’t we in the UK following suit in similar numbers? It seems a number of myths have grown up around electric bikes here – and it’s about time they were busted…” – continued at http://www.bikeridemaps.co.uk/6-practical-and-training-guide-books/electric-bikes-a-blog-post-by-richard-peace/

Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw & Richard Peace

No of Pages: 240
Page Size: 150 x 212 mm
ISBN 10: 1901464245
ISBN 13: 9781901464245
Publisher: Excellent Books
Published Date: December 2010
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: B+W and Colour Photos
Weight: 500g

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