Brompton Bicycle from Excellent Books

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Brompton Bicycle from Excellent Books

Brompton Bicycle

UPDATE: 3rd June 2020

Brompton Bicycle has gone out of print temporarily. A new print run is planned shortly.

If you would like to reserve a copy from the new print run, email me and I will let you know when the book is back in stock.


Brompton Bicycle, from Excellent Books, tells the fascinating story behind one of the world’s most unusual and popular folding bikes.

It also details how you can modify and convert your Brompton for such uses as:

  • child carrying
  • tackling hilly country

It also acts as a unique maintenance and repair manual, full of tips you won’t find in any standard bike repair book.

In short, everything you need to enjoy this incredible bike to the full.

The first edition was hugely popular with the legions of Brompton fans; the second edition contains an extra 32 pages. There is a whole new chapter on where Brompton may be heading in the future plus new coverage of early folding bikes with the low-down on new products and company developments.


  • A brief history of folding bikes, putting the Brompton in the context of previous developments.
  • The story of how the Brompton came about – from a sketched idea by engineer and Brompton founder Andrew Ritchie, to a bike with major sales throughout the world today.
  • Brompton specials – converting for use by children and multiple riders amongst many other uses.
  • Using and maintaining a Brompton – tips on caring for and repairing your cherished machine.
  • New 184 page expanded and updated 2nd edition for 2017 including new material on electric options, the factory move and titanium manufacture

‘Brompton Bicycle’ will appeal to all those who love this iconic British brand including:

  • Brompton riders & owners and other cyclists – especially those who are curious about the bike’s background but also keen to use and maintain it correctly.
  • Designers – the Brompton is more than a bike and was used as a British icon in the London 2012 Olympic ceremony in Beijing.
  • Those who love a good British underdog story of success in the face of adversity!


'A to B' magazine e-Brompton review issue

‘A to B’ magazine e-Brompton review issue


There have been brief ‘teaser’ reviews of the new Brompton Electric but this A to B magazine covers the bike in a full extended review and compares it to one of the current retrofit options already out there. 

It’s the perfect companion to the Brompton Bicycle book, which is now in a second edition and also has plenty of further info on other electric retrofit options.

‘Brompton Bicycle’ from Excellent Books

No of Pages: 192

Page Size: 210 x 148

Publisher: Richard Peace at Excellent Books

Authors: David Henshaw

Published Date: 2nd Edition – updated 2017

Cover: paperback

Illustrations: colour photos and graphics.

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