Bike Ride Books

Bike Ride Books publish humorous accounts of bike rides, the first two books by Mike Carden telling of cycle rides the length of England and the length of Scotland. The latest book is:

A Lake District Grand Tour, by Mike Carden

A Lake District Grand Tour by Mike Carden

Cumbria Life magazine: ’Relaxed and chatty with a ready wit.’

Cycletourer website: ‘Charming and easily readable.’

Arrivee magazine: ‘Mike Carden’s easy style of writing, with its built-in gentle humour and his eye for detail that many of us would easily miss, belies the fact that he (and his 20-year-old son) have undertaken a serious tour.’

The Full English, by Mike CardenThe Full English, by Mike Carden

“This thoroughly enjoyable chronicle of one man’s ‘mid-life crisis’ is England’s answer to Round Ireland with a Fridge, by Tony Hawks – but without the fridge.”  Ludlow Advertiser

“Warm, well-observed, unpretentious and very funny.” Adventure Travel Magazine

“Mike’s relaxed and chatty style is never less than entertaining.” Dorset Life

A Bit Scott-ish, by Mike Carden A Bit Scott-ish, by Mike Carden

“With almost unquenchable good humour, the author takes on everything that Scotland can throw at him.” Velo Vision cycling magazine

“A nice line in self-deprecating humour.” Stirling Observer

“Witty. A light touch.” Cycle Magazine