Ever wondered what the brown National Byway signs are that you might see around the country?

National Byway route
National Byway route

The National Byway is a 4,500-mile (7,240 km.) sign-posted cycling route round England and parts of Scotland and Wales.

The project was developed out of the desire to make a contribution towards a lasting change in the quality of U.K. life through the integration of the social, environmental, health, economic and educational benefits to be derived by the community from bicycling. 

National Byway maps

The National Byway journeys through the natural environment, providing discreet sign-posted direction along some of the most attractive and peaceful rural lanes, which carry traffic at only 2% of the national average level.

In addition to the main route, there are 50 circular Loop rides.

The Byway passes through 42 counties: it meanders through the countryside, visits 150 market towns, hundreds of rural communities and more than 1,000 places of interest along the way including 8 World Heritage Sites, all providing a reason to ride.

Route details and information about places of interest can be found on the informative Byway maps.

Click here for The Midlands, North East England, South West Scotland and Yorkshire maps.

The South West England and East Midlands maps are currently out of print.

National Byways maps
The National Byways maps